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terms and conditions

By using our website, you agree to these terms and conditions in full. If you disagree with these terms and conditions or any part of these terms and conditions, you must not use this website.

Legal Capacity:
To use this website, you must be at least 18 years old.

When registering on our website, you must provide accurate and complete information.

This website offers paid legal consultation services, which may include direct communication with a lawyer via WhatsApp, video meetings over the internet, among other services that may be provided. Customers must accept the advertised fees before the provision of services. We do not provide any warranties or guarantees that the advice will be accurate or complete. Customers bear full responsibility for the use of the information provided.

Intellectual Property:
All content provided via the website is protected by intellectual property rights and cannot be used without our written consent.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your information. We handle your personal information in compliance with the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We may change these terms and conditions from time to time. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions to ensure you are aware of any changes.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:
These terms and conditions will be subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and any dispute arising out of or in connection with it will be subject to the jurisdiction of Saudi courts.

Rights acquired under these terms and conditions cannot be assigned without our prior written consent.

Breach and Indemnification:
In case of a breach of any of these terms and conditions, you agree to indemnify us for any resulting losses or damages.

If there is a dispute between us, it should first be resolved through arbitration according to Saudi arbitration rules.

We reserve the right to terminate your account if you have breached any of the mentioned terms and conditions.

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, you can contact us via the email provided on the website.

Please note that these terms and conditions are a model and may require modifications based on the specific services you provide and the unique details of your business. It is strongly advised to consult with a legal advisor before using any terms and conditions.

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